Club Rules

The Rules at the Club are kept fairly minimal, but are there primarily for the safety of all persons and property, and to ensure that noise is maintained at or below the maximum recommended by the Department of the Environment.

Rules will be supplied upon membership application

We fly seven days a week (weather permitting!) during designated flying times. These times are strictly observed to minimize the possibility of any disturbance to residents in local villages as we are anxious to retain our site!

The club is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and all members are obliged to be associates. Members must hold full insurance through that organization and the Membership Secretary is happy to arrange cover on their behalf.

Novices are required to obtain a minimum of the BMFA A Certificate before they can fly solo but the club has a number of registered examiners who can help with the test. The club also has several registered instructors who are on hand to train you and help you attain “A certificate” status